Street Sweeping

The waste treatment centre is currently being enhanced to accept increased volumes of gully wastes and street cleansings (on EWC code 20-03-03), utilising a new CDEnviro™ GMax™ washing and screening system. This equipment will help us to produce recycled/recovered aggregates and restoration materials from wastes that would otherwise be disposed into landfill.

The process also utilises treated water via the main waste water treatment process onsite.

Our aim with this new development is to support commercial companies and local authorities by providing a ‘recovery’ and (or) ‘recycling’ route for the waste materials they collect and manage. This in turn will then help to generate more appealing environmental data and minimise the carbon footprint of the operation. 

A film of the GMax™ is available below:


Contact our Business Development Team at for further information or if you have suitable materials for recovery.