Liquid Waste

Gilder Environmental Ltd has a fully licensed liquid waste treatment and disposal point. Our waste treatment centre, just off Junction 9 of the M5 is very central to the Cotswolds and ideally placed on the Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border.

The treatment centre is licensed to accept most types of water based waste products including effluents and process liquors.

The facility has storage for 8,700m³ and is permitted to treat up to 124,000m³ of liquid waste per annum. The aerobic system utilises a designated water treatment system to draw off the majority of the solid fractions and allowing the filtered liquids to enter the main tanks. An aerated ‘final’ settlement tank is then used to generate enhanced microbial activity with the aim of degrading the organic matter further, allowing BOD and COD levels to be significantly reduced. Once treated, the processed off-take water is then safely discharged or re-circulated into the process.

The site has a fully calibrated weight bridge for commercial and public use. All drivers receive weigh in and out tickets to ensure wastes are suitably tracked and monitored under Duty of Care.

Contact our Business Development Team at for further information or to discuss your liquid treatment requirements.